Sharmaarke Mohammed was born in Somalia. A East African country located east of Kenya & Ethiopia. At an early age, Sharmaarke began to love and study Bollywood and Hollywood filmmaking. Through this passion, he began to understand and love the American culture. Personal favorites such as Denzel Washington's 'Glory' and 'Five Easy Pieces' played pivotal roles early in Sharmaarke's career. In addition Sharmaarke taught himself how to read and write three different languages including English.

In the midst of his teen years, Sharmaarke move to San Diego early 2013 in hopes of fiding better life and pursuing his acting career. In addition of pursing his career, Sharmaarke is also an overachiever in soccer, dancing, personal fitness, and boxer. Sharmaarke is also a Muslim faith and exercises mediation daily. Mr. Mohamed believes in the power of soul and body in the pursuit of life amongst all. He now resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Sharmaarke Mohamed